Can I drink wine a couple days after my surgery?

This is one of the common questions most people keep asking doctors before seeking plastic surgery. You are likely to celebrate a successful plastic surgery by taking a glass of wine. However, medical doctors do not support this idea because it comes with many risks, especially if you undergo complicated procedures like breast lift. If you have come from surgical operation, it is recommended that you avoid wine for some time. Here are reasons why doctors advise patients who have undergone plastic surgery to keep away from wine. Sydney Surgeon Dr. Mark Kohout says: ” One to two weeks of alcohol avoidance around the time of surgery is prudent and reasonable”. Especially if you decided to undergo complicated complicated surgical procedures like breast lift or rhinoplasty. Click here to see more things you should avoid before deciding to undergo breast lift surgery.

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Wine increases swelling

After undergoing plastic surgery, it is your wish to have your body at the desired size within the shortest time possible. One of the best ways to ensure this is avoiding wine by all means. Drinking wine will dilate your blood vessels thereby making your body to swell further. In addition, wine is known to dehydrate your body hence making it to attempt holding on the precious water in place as much as possible. Your nose is among those parts that are likely to be affected the most after you have undertaken Rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is wise to make the right decision between your habit and your looks at this point. It does not make sense to lose your precious looks when you can avoid wine to look charming after spending a lot of money to go for plastic surgery.

Wine boosts bleeding

There is a certain period require before you can recover from invasive surgical operations fully. Wine tends to impede the process of recovery. This is among the reasons why most doctors in various parts of the country and world at large advice patients to refrain from taking wine after surgery.

Wine makes you susceptible to pain

Plastic surgery is a painful experience. No one would wish to experience the pain for more days. Drinking wine can make pain relieving medications to fail to work. Before taking a glass of wine after surgery, ensure that you talk to your doctor to avoid causing yourself more harm than good.

Wine can make it dangerous to take some medications

An increased intake of wine will affected the working of different medications. As you take your wine, know that you are likely to make some of the medication prescribed to you fail to work. In addition, wine is likely to interact with different medications in a dangerous and detrimental way.

Wine dries your skin

It does not make sense to go for plastic surgery in order to improve your looks only to end up with an unattractive skin. Wine interferes with hormones that help in regulating the amount of urine your body should produce. For every glass of wine you drink, the kidneys will create extra ounces of urine in your body.

In conclusion, taking of wine is not advisable after plastic surgery. Increased intake of this drink makes your skin to dry, increases pain and swelling among other undesirable consequences. If you must take wine, then ensure that you consult a medical expert to guide you on the right quantity that will not affect you in long run.

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