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Wine drinking is fun!
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News on Beer Wine Liquor
Does the world of fine wine seem like a big puzzle to you? It really can be quite intimidating. See our Learning Center, where provided is a beginners wine section, with key articles you can use to get going quickly. For more the more advanced vino vintage experts, we provide you with an exhaustive list of wine articles covering buying and selecting: wine racks, wine clubs, wine gifts, to food and wine. We even cover the grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Shiraz, and more.
Cliff P.
What is a Grape
Wine learning means lots of tasting. We think it is fun covering wine beer liquor entertainment! Put together is a library of cocktail party recommendations, buying advice, food pairings, wine reviews, wine tasting tips, and more. A beer wine liquor reference tool with wine buying advice from selecting your wine rack, wine club, wine basket, to food and wine. From creating a wine bar to even as simple as how to open a wine bottle. Our wine articles cover topics from Napa Valley, to how wine is made, wine gifts, wine cellars, to what is a grape! Stay current on beer wine liquor and more. For the love of wine!
Dusty P.
Food and Wine Recipes
We have tips for cooking with wine, and using wine to enhance the flavors of food. We have Wine Recipes, as we all know wine and food are the perfect combination. Many suggest cooking with wine to intensify and enhance the flavor of food. Wine is known to release taste flavors in many foods and recipes that otherwise would not be experienced by our taste buds. Yes, a great difference can be made when cooking with wine, enhancing a wide variety of foods and how very simple it is. All of our recipes include a calories count and fat grams per serving, thereby you will understand their nutritional balance. Each food and wine recipe has a photograph, so you get a nice visual of the outcome.
Gilda C.
Wine Glossary
Our glossary provides you with an exhaustive list of wine terms, definitions, and pronunciations to get you started before and after your next wine dining, wine review, or wine tasting. So when you come across that unknown term that you cannot pronounce, our community covers the world of: white wine, red wine, wineries, wine festivals, wine tours, florida vineyards, etc.
Liz A.
Wine Rack Buying Tips
Wine is a huge part of many lives, parties, and a favorite collector hobby. You can see the growing trend just by walking around almost any medium to large city and you will pass more and more wine shops. Home wine storage has seen similar steady growth. Once bottled, wine continues to mature, so proper storage is essential to help it do so gracefully. So, if you too are thinking about what to consider when selecting a wine rack or wine cabinet, the following should help you better understand your wine rack options.
Angeline O.
Wine is very social.
Food and wine makes a great team.
It starts as a grape.
You end up with the barrel.
Now you get to taste it!
Wine Touring 101
To be honest, when my husband and I first started exploring wine and wineries we certainly did not have the customs or techniques down as we should have. Now however, after numerous day trips to the tasting rooms we feel like seasoned veterans. So, I wanted to cover some tips that might help you on your next winery visit. It is all about fun while learning, so be sure to ask the tasting room staff any questions regarding their products. They are there not only to pour tastes of wine, but also to educate you about their offerings. There are many questions you might consider asking when you arrive at a winery.
Edwina K.
Host a Wine Tasting Party
Looking to have some fun with friends while sharing some wine? Yes, you should consider hosting a wine tasting party. It is a really neat way to share your wine favorites and to be introduced to a variety of new and interesting wines. You can also add some spice, by using a wine theme.
Margaret P.
Adult Party Themes
There is no doubt about it, a great party has needs an awesome party theme. Try using one of our party themes when planning your next adult party. Who said theme parties are just for kids? I have picked out the most popular party themes for adults, sure to bring out the kid in you. If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas.
Milo H.
Cocktail Party Entertaining
The cocktail party is back, and certainly so. It is much simpler than a dinner party, and really is is a much more festive and fun affair. A cocktail party is a great way of entertaining for occasions from a casual after work get together to a New Years Eve gala. Also, cocktail parties are an easy way to entertain a larger group of people, as the focus is on appetizers and hors dourves. Make it festive, make it fun.
Grant I.
Our Service
This Service is designed to provide a community based forum for the open and free flowing exchange of beer wine liquor comments, opinions, experiences, and information. We provide guides to wine buying, for your wine rack, wine club, wine basket, or food and wine. Although this service attempts to provide accurate information, it assumes no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, delays or other defects in any of the information provided. The Service Provider publishes content for information sharing and entertainment purposes, and does not purport to provide advice. All information and resources contained in the Service are fully protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws.
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